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Green Screens Maintenance

For the first year of establishment, we would strongly recommend the installation of a simple automated drip feed irrigation system with all our green screen projects. This will alleviate the need for someone to remember to water them! thus ensuring that none of the screens will suffer from water deprivation. We can also put together a series of routine maintenance visits which will include the ‘winding-in’ of new growth, trimming when necessary, fertilizing and checking irrigation system connections.

Living Wall Maintenance

We have a dedicated Living Wall Maintenance division to tend to all our Living Walls.

To keep living walls looking at their very best, we include the first year’s maintenance costs within our pricing structure, and to ensure the longevity of the systems and of course our reputation!, we offer very affordable rates to continue this service following on.

We offer a remote access service by ourselves effectively giving us control of your irrigation system from our offices for a small monthly fee.

None of our screens have been replanted or received any other maintenance other than trimming and feeding. Our lifetime costs are amongst the lowest in the industry.

A typical routine maintenance visit would include the following procedures:-

  • Monitor and adjust the watering & feeding systems in accordance with the seasons
  • Calibrate plant feeding system
  • Regular checking for pests and disease and any leaf discolouration
  • Remove any weed growth
  • Trim as and when required
  • Clear away debris, always leaving site clean and tidy

Custom built irrigation systems

We can offer fully automated and computerized systems which delivers both water and food directly and easily to the plants root system. They typically have a double drip hose on each planter ensuring regular and even watering of the whole root zone area. As the areas are zoned, this enables differing watering and feeding regimes for specified areas of green wall. For example the top north of a building can have a different watering schedule than the top south area. Where required, sensors are used to automatically trigger watering and feeding at set failsafe levels.

Inbuilt failsafe design to indicate breakdown in flow levels of the system. All components are easily accessed ensuring costs of maintenance and repairs are kept to a minimum.