Living Walls


Living walls – LivePanel is one of the most advanced living wall systems currently on the market and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  LivePanel can host a huge range of plant species.  Built up using a specially developed cassette system which uses capillary action to irrigate.

This means there is no internal pipe work within the system as older systems tend to use irrigation drip line which has  an added risk of leakage.  LivePanel is installed by first fixing the water gutters to the desired wall, we then insert pre planted plant cassettes to the structure. This then creates lush instant coverage, the irrigation can be fully automated or for smaller walls they can be filled manually with water, however we would not recommend this for walls over 8m2. Irrigation systems can also be controlled remotely from our offices for a small monthly fee.

The LivePanel modular system requires very little maintenance.  The rooting substrate is provided with water and nutrition by fully automated irrigation systems.

Hedera Screens can also carry out a contracted fully managed maintenance programme to keep the LivePanel looking its best.

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“Love Your Garden”  featured the LivePanel living wall.



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