Living Walls


The beautiful Ivy Living Walls – WallPlanter system uses the same screen meshing as the green screens. It is very strong, 5mm high carbon hot dipped galvanized steel. Each planter box, weighing around 1,450kg saturated, contains 65 shoots of Ivy typically Hedera helix “Woerner” per screen. Each screen is rooted in and grown to the full height required before installation into planter boxes, made from 3mm ship grade aluminum measuring 500mm deep and 500mm wide by length options of 3900, 2600 or 1300. They incorporate a 10mm drainage matting at the base of the planter, which ensures no blocking of the drainage system by the plant roots. They are insulated for both heat and cold and have the capability to protect the roots from either eventuality.

The specialized planting media ensures lifetime stability of the root zone area with minimal loss of volume. It’s stabilized porous structure ensures all water and feed is delivered directly to the plant root system and is easily accessed by the plants, ensuring minimal wastage of water and feed. This structure ensures a high level of oxygen in the planting media.

Due to the weight of the WallPlanter system, a robust support structure is required. This support system can be installed from ground level or be attached directly to the building depending on the strength of the structure. The planters are located on to the structure using a crane. For the supply of water and nutrients, a plant room/area of at least 2m2 is required situated as close to the living wall as possible.

The benefits

  • Efficient use of vertical surfaces in inner city spaces
  • Encourages biodiversity
  • Significant reduction of sub-micron particle pollution,
    improving air quality
  • Aesthetically pleasing alternative to enhance an old
    existing building or newbuild

Download Information

WallPlanter information sheet