Pop-up Garden

Planted modular baskets

A modular design green oasis Pop-up garden can be quickly and easily created in the smallest space.  The possibilities are thus extremely diverse, only limited by imagination.

With three different basket sizes, the design is variable and adaptable and fits the local situation perfectly.  Noise and visual protection, slope stabilisation as well as the production of green furniture are just a few examples of use.

The baskets are delivered completely filled and planted, and they are assembled on site on the foundation.  The planting consists of a mix of flowering perennials, grasses and suitable small shrubs.  Individual plantings are also possible.  If necessary, we will deliver the baskets empty for planting yourself.

The modular baskets are connected to each other so that the occurring loads are well distributed.  By a suitable arrangement of the baskets (crossbar), a high stability against wind pressure is also achieved.  Suitable substructures include conventional concrete foundations, but also precast components on mineral mixtures or screw-in foundations.

Due to the positive effects on the local climate (evaporative cooling and the generation of shadow zones), areas of high amenity value can be created.

Depending on the planting, ‘Helix® Elementa’ can make an important contribution to the preservation and enhancement of biodiversity in urban areas, whilst creating a beautiful, serine, relaxing setting.

Benefits at a glance

  • Instant, green noise and visual protection with diverse vegetation
  • Small space requirement; the wall thickness only is 40 cm
  • Individually planned and applicable
  • Low costs for foundations due to unbound construction
  • Short building period due to pre-planted baskets
  • Positive effect on the local climate


  • Plant baskets – Baskets are made of galvanised steel grating and have a support profile frame

– Three basket sizes: 40 x 40 x 40/80/120 cm (HxWxL)

– Lining, filling with special substrate and already

  • planted with mature plants


  • Profile rails on the top and bottom as well as screw joints
  • Supply Drip irrigation with custom control and fertilisation