Mobiroof is an instant, innovative green sedum roof system. It is especially suitable for roofs that are not able to support a full roof garden. Mobiroof is a clip together cassette system that can be easily laid onto the surface of a roof. Almost instantly, a fully grown area is created with insulation properties. In the summer the temperature in the building will be noticeably less as the sun will not be able to heat the roof surface, instead this will encourage the plants to grow in the plant cassettes.

Beside insulation properties green roofs have a number of benefits not found with conventional roofs. The plants improve air quality by reducing CO2 and capture fine dust particles. Also UV radiation no longer reaches the original roof surface considerably extending the life of the roof.

Mobiroof can be installed on flat and sloped roof surfaces up to 20 degrees, above 20 degrees will require additional simple fixings.

Additional Benefits:

  • Green roof constructions improve the heat and noise insulation of a building structure
  • Have an air purifying effect
  • Catch rainwater and discharge it at a delayed rate
  • Enhance the area’s biodiversity and have added aesthetic value

Key facts:

  • quick and simple installation
  • suitable for most roof surfaces
  • can be cut to size on site
  • Advanced system, supplied with substrate for plants pumice and volcanic rock for drainage
  • Helps reduce CO2
  • Captures fine dust particles
  • Weed free system
  • Low maintenance


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