Soil Stabilization Matting System

‘Helix® Repens’ is a soil stabilization matting system for fast and reliable re-vegetation of slopes and wall constructions with inclination angles of 40° to 85°.

This is designed for installations on ground constructions (embankments, slopes, ramps, etc., non-reinforced or using geosynthetic reinforced soil).  Similarly, the installation can take place on other surfaces such as gravel mixtures, rock, concrete or brickwork.

By combining structural elements (steel mesh, geogrid) with our vegetation mats ‘Grounds cover by the metre®’ a fast and safe re-vegetation of slopes and walls is guaranteed in a short period of time.

The pre-cultivated elements have approximately 50% plant coverage at installation and after a few weeks, the entire surface is completely green during the growing season.

A metal grid forms the framework of the greening. The support material of the vegetation mat prevents surface erosion; the additionally applied geogrid thereby provides further protection.

Damage to the trickle protection and possibly underlying components during plant maintenance should be avoided. The plants can grow rapidly in the underground and their dense roots offer additional erosion protection.

Key Facts

  • Pre-assembled components and the reliable plug system ensure short assembly and installation times on the site
  • Construction of the building and formation of the surface («facing») can take place separately by means of various assembly sections
  • Plant friendly technology ensures high growth ratio with low maintenance
  • Increased water absorption in the vegetation area


Vegetation element

  • Pre-cultivated vegetation mat
  • ‘Ground covers by the metre®’ (approximately 50% coverage)
  • Grid mat made of galvanised steel
  • Trickle protection mesh completely assembled


  • Hooks or anchorage rods made of galvanised steel, for various terrains


  • Drip irrigation with programmable control timer
  • Fertilisation system